Do you ever sit in session with a client and wonder….” Where am I going to go next with this?”

Are you working on getting your Florida License in Clinical Social Work?

Maybe your up at night and can’t sleep thinking, “I hope I did the right thing with that client?”

I am a Qualified Supervisor for the state of Florida and have helped numerous interns grow into their therapist skin. Meeting weekly in person or online (as allowed by state statues) gives new therapists a place to process their techniques, fears, and even look at their own self-care.

But even the most seasoned therapist needs consultation.

In private practice we can often get lost without the rules and procedures of an agency guiding us. We can’t talk to our support system about our clients and techniques because …HIPPAA and they wouldn’t get it anyways.

Contracting with me as a consultant you will get a tailored plan of in person, phone, and online sessions and times to process so that your work doesn’t leak into your life and leave you feeling out of balance.