Integrating Yoga and Therapy

Integrating Yoga and Therapy

I’m sure everyone has driven past a yoga studio and noticed the Lotus flower on the sign. This flower is significant because its grows thru the muck. Often times mental health symptoms can be like this mud, dark and cold;causing brain fog, anxiety, lack of motivation, decreased attention land eaving us feeling unfulfilled in life. However, like the Lotus we as humans have the potential to push thru ‘the muck’ and live life in full bloom.

As a therapist and yogi I have experienced these growing pains personally as well as had the pleasure of holding space to help people crawl thru the darkness and into the light. There is a growing body of research backing up the benefits of yoga on mental health.

By increasing body awareness, relieving stress, reducing muscle tension, increasing focus, and calming the central nervous system; yoga interventions increase neuroplasticity and reduce symptoms of almost all mental health diagnoses.

You may say, “I’m not flexible’ and if that is the case you are the perfect client for yoga interventions. Yoga increases flexibility in the body and the mind, helping you gain control of the breath and engage the parasympathetic nervous system which allows us to relax and digest in a world where we aren’t often afforded that time.

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of appearing on my colleagues video channel ‘Therapy Questions about this very topic. Feel free to watch us below.
Meet me on the mat, push past your comfort zone, and watch yourself bloom.

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